Тра 26 2020

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29 травня відбудеться вебінар для вчителів англійськоі мови від National Geographic Learning

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Запрошуємо долучитись до вебінару від видавництва National Geographic Learning!

Тема: How to Organize Integrated Learning
Спікер: Diana Golovan
Дата: 29 травня, 16:00 – 17:00

The abstract:
Today’s students will grow up communicating with people from countries all over the world. English is used internationally as the language for science, technology, business, trade, tourism, diplomacy and global problem solving. We have to keep this in mind teaching English to our learners every day. In our webinar we are going to discover how to integrate real-world material and content from different subjects into our lessons in order to help young learners grow up to become successful in the future.